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June 17, 2009

Missezula Mini-Break

MissezulaLake.jpgThis past weekend Richard and I joined our friends and about 80 other people for a rock-crawling event at Missezula Lake, off of Highway 5A between Merritt and Princeton. We arrived Friday evening and set up camp, and our day of wheeling started early Saturday. Really early for me – I got up for a call of nature and grabbed the camera when I heard a loon out on the lake.

This serene, wild landscape epitomizes what I love about rock-crawling: we get away to some of the most beautiful wilderness locations in North America, from desert canyons to wooded hills to glacier-carved mountain gullies like the ones at Missezula. Scrambling up and down the trails, camera in hand, I get to see stunning plants, wildlife and rock formations, and most importantly, my man with a huge happy grin on his face...

At this event, called Rockin’ the Crib, a short drive down forestry roads from the lakeside campground brought us to many different trails, one of them – newly christened Manana – with enough challenges to make even Richard drool. Below are the Olsons in their rigs, and Richard being spotted by Chris on the Manana trail later in the afternoon, after a massive but short thundershower drove us back to camp for lunch and a siesta. After the late run Richard served up pulled pork and coleslaw for dinner and we got to know our hosts, Rich and Kelly from crawlinbc.com, and caught up with old friends. It was a great day.

OlsonsinRigs.jpg Mechano-Manana.jpg

This is just a preview, with a small selection from my 90 best of the day to follow soon. Dagny has pics of our camping setup (we fed the entire group breakfast using our mobile outdoor kitchen equipment on Sunday morning, it went great), and Rick G has alternate camera angles with his pro camera that I’m dying to see and hope he’ll let me post here. So I really do need to pick just the top ten or so. Sigh. It’s so hard to choose! I didn’t do any driving this time – much as I wanted to run Manana with Richard spotting, Mechano currently has no driver’s side door, which is less security than I’m comfortable with – so I went crazy with the camera instead, and Richard and Ben’s runs gave me lots to work with. Ben and Chris, if you want any of the shots in the upcoming posts, let me know and I can send you the full size files. Some great shots if I do say so myself. Stay tuned!

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