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January 19, 2008

At Last

Jan13-GrinchyTree.jpgWe're back to a winter wonderland! We've had four inches fall so far today, and hopefully it will double by nightfall. Richard and I just took our garbage over to the transfer station, using the wooded back road. The fresh snow beautifully contrasts the arching branches of the hawthorns, which grow in 12 foot high thickets along one farmer's field. Of course, four inches is nothing - this photo at left was taken on our drive up a mountain north of the city, where the snow is about four feet deep. It is beautiful up there, a place called Porcupine Ridge, and although we didn't see any porcupines, I saw a kind of bird I've never seen before, a large long-necked thing with a fat body like a grouse. We tried to take a photo of a flock in a tree, but it wasn't safe to stop on that narrow winding road. The snow is still falling heavily, but I might strap on my snowshoes and go for a walk anyway. It's the best time for photographs. So glad the world is white again. I hope it continues!

Posted by anita at January 19, 2008 1:52 PM


Wow! Lucky you! We've had teensy bits of snow fall once or twice a week most weeks since November. Very odd. We had about 2cm yesterday and of course it's all gone now. I'm still waiting for that big inevitable dump!

Send us some more photos!

We ended up with about 6 inches, the most to fall in any single day, and on top of what was left from New Year's, it's knee deep in places. I haven't been out snow-shoeing since Saturday's snowfall, but it's a gorgeous sunny day so maybe this afternoon after work. The days are still so short, though. And I confess I allowed myself to start reading a novel yesterday, and now I can hardly think about anything else as soon as work is done.

In work news, the decision came down on Friday, and I spent several hours Friday night looking for new design work. I will officially no longer be the administrator after my replacement is trained up, probably by June. Sigh. Right now it means extra work so my days are full. It's good to have the decision made, though. I got 10 hours sleep last night for the first time in months. Although that may have had more to do with starting a novel and the relaxation I get from that, like nothing else.

Oh, and did I mention it's COLD out there. Coldest it's been so far this winter, -15 when Richard warmed up the truck this morning. Brrr.